FAQ’S - Business of Hair - BUSINESS OF HAIR

FAQ’S – Business of Hair

Q1: Are travel expenses included?
A: No, these are extra depending on the area.

Q2: Is a deposit required to secure a booking?
A: All courses must be paid in full at time of booking.

Q3: What is the method of payment?
A: PayPal or Stripe.

Q4: Will both Sabrina and Denise both be present at every booking?
A: Yes.

Q5: Is there practical work at ‘Let’s Talk Business of Hair’?
A: Yes. Sabrina will teach the seminar with the employees and Denise will teach ‘Let’s talk Business of Hair’ with the owner/manager.

Q6: Are head blocks provided?
A: Only for Hairdressers On Tour. NOT for the rest of the courses.

Q7: Are the colouring and styling products provided?
A: The colouring yes, but not the styling.

Q8: How far in advance do I need to book?
A: The diary is open 6 months in advance.

Q9: Is there an attendance capacity?
A: 10 people max for courses, except Hairdressers On Tour, this is 30 max.