Joico Education Destination January 2018

A dream offer

We first planned this trip in the summer of 2017, not knowing the doors it would open a few short months later! Initially, Sabrina Hill and Katrina Kelly had discussed travelling to Punta Cana and then invited myself! I can’t tell you how excited I was to head off and represent Joico Ireland and take over their social media handles.

We knew it was going to a be a week of both intense hair and social media events, so we packed accordingly! And yes, that means we basically brought enough clothes for the year. I still had to borrow Rixo skirts from Sabrina on a particular night! Our journey began in Dublin, where we said goodbye to the famous ‘Mary ‘- Sabrina’s Mum. This was actually an emotional goodbye,as I quickly realised that both myself and Sabrina have a similar relationship with our parents. My family have been so supportive and have always helped me to dream big. Parents are also important for when you require a lift to the airport ha ha…

Practice what I preach

At each event we took over all social media platforms for Joico Ireland and had the best time snapping and blogging about hair celebs, tips and tricks when it came to hair care – both styling and colouring. Each morning, we were greeted by the Joico Team whose energy and positivity fuelled the seminar. The host (whom each day wore something brighter than the sun itself !!!) dragged people out of their seats that might have been a little worse for wear from the previous night!! He was definitely making sure we were all awake for whatever amazing guest artist was about to come on stage. It was one of the most action packed and informative hair seminars that I have attended. The new skills we learned have already been put in to place here in Ireland. It is so important as a hairdresser to immediately put in place what you learn at a seminar. This is the most important tip we could give any stylist. When you take a course/seminar, you need to go home and put in to practise what you have learned within 7 days or it will be lost forever and you will not remember. Both Sabrina and I will always practice what we learn at a seminar, when we return to our salons on the first day.

The importance of Ridey Hair

Sabrina, Katrina and I arrived at our hotel – Melia Caribe Tropical in Punta Cana after travelling for fifteenhours. On arrival to the hotel,I looked all sweaty and realised quickly that I was wearing a bra with absolutely no padding whatsoever! Then I had to strip off and well, yes you can guess after that…Lesson Learned! But then, we only go and meet the famous Denis DeSouza and the absolute legend Richard Mannon. Ladies, can I just tell you that these are 2 men you do not want to meet unless you have your RIDEY hair and the most amazing outfit! I had neither! Whoops!

Once we settled into our new home for the week, we unpacked all of our fab outfits and headed off to bed early to wake up to the most beautiful morning in at least 20 degrees (at just 7am) It was glorious. Each day we had a seminar in the morning untillunch. We then either had a break for a bite to eat (cue lots of burgers, fish, a little salad) and a chance to catch up with work emails and then attended another seminar in the afternoon or an evening event.

Dream Big

Even thought it was a working week for us, there were lots of parties going on all week – from the Brazilian pool parties to the White/Gold parties. Sadly, we didn’t even get a chance to dip our toes in the pool. (Yes, really!) We did manage to mingle with hair celebs! No matter what happened the night before, we still bounced out of our beds every morning at 7 am and attended everysingle seminar without fail. We were there to be educated.

I was lucky to have met global artists like Richard Mannon, Denis Desouza, Jenny Strobe, Larissa Love and the beautiful Olivia from OMG HAIR artistry. Many of these artists I had for years, counted as mentors and whom now I can call friends, in particular Jenny Storbe and Olivia from OMG Hair artistry.What will Joico Education Destination 2020 bring? Maybe, we will be up on stage next time…We can all dream right!

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